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"Just want to let you know that I appreciate the positivity you bring to the universe man. You always have something to say that builds people up. It's great thing." - Horace Buddoo

When I was a child, there were these color-by-numbers coloring books we would play with. Each page would have a picture of, say, a bear. And the bear would have different areas of its body marked by a number.  There was no thinking or real-life application necessary. Just do what the damn book said, step by step, and everything would be perfect. 

The Super You is not a coloring book. The Super You will:

1) Give you insight into the phenomenon of confidence by explaining what it is, where it comes from, when you can use it to your advantage, and how it is developed, strengthened and weakened. 

2) Prepare you to apply what you read in real life, learning instinctively when to use each tool in your box, since no two situations are ever exactly the same.

3) Leave you with The Super You, the version of you who has the confidence to think and say and do all of the things you've considered but haven't dared trying. 

That's what this book is. 
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Confidence is EVERYTHING.
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What You'll Learn From The Super You
  • How to condition your Confidence 
  • What TRUE Confidence looks and feels like 
  • Constructing your own Super You
  • Applying your Confidence in real life situations 
  • Gain Confidence in your athletic & business abilities
  • Renewing your Confidence on a daily basis
  • How to overcome nervousness
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