Get The Females You Want and Stop Settling. Master Social Media Dating And Hold Conversation Confidently. And Learn To Keep The Girl You Have. 
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Introducing the Get The Girl Course
Get The Girls You Actually WANT, Get Out Of The Friend Zone and Have the Females Coming to YOU
Here's what you're getting: 

• A 10 module course with 50+ videos and over 4 hours of material

• Learn Approaching Females - especially females you don't even know

• The skills handling yourself around Really Attractive Women

• Getting out - and Staying out - of the Dreaded Friend Zone 

Social Media Dating: How to use the internet to meet REAL women 

• What makes the females Come to You

The Biggest Keys to ALWAYS drawing females to you

• The Conversational Skills you need to Get Her Talking 

• Mastering the Art Of Conversation with Females 

• The Real Life Application Necessary to make these lessons real 

Lifetime Access to ALL course material on mobile, tablet or desktop

• And Much More...
Questions & Answers
Does Dre teach all of the course?
Yes - Dre teaches 100% of the course. 
How long will the course take?
A new module is available every 5 days. You can complete the course in 50 days, or as long as you wish to take - you have lifetime access! 
Can I view the course on my mobile device?
Yes! See the course on iOS, Android, Tablet and Desktop 
How soon can I access the court materials?
Immediately! You'll create a ;login and can start the course ASAP. 
Get The Girls You Actually WANT, Get Out Of The Friend Zone and Have Females Coming to YOU
Who Is This Course For?
You see her every day, or at least a couple times per week. Maybe she’s acknowledged your presence a time or two before; maybe she is not aware of your existence. The one thing you do know is you’re interested. VERY interested.

One problem: You don’t know how to approach her, what the hell to say if you did approach, and you’re not sure she’s even interested back in you anyway. You're confused. Do you know what confused people do? They do nothing.
You spend so much time and energy trying to un-tangle your mind and make sense of the racing impulses in your head — not to mention the anxiety you feel when she is walking by right now — there is no space for clear thought.
So you’ve been thinking and figuring and guessing and projecting what you could do and what might happen… all the while you’re not getting any closer to this girl.
Let’s put an end to this.
Picture yourself walking into rooms with confidence that draws attention without you saying a word. You talk to any female you want, and she's interested in talking more. Your reputation starts to work for you rather than against you. Even other males start to take note of you, because of that reputation.
You can start and carry a conversation with a female — and a really attractive one — without feeling out of place. Your confidence draws females like a magnet. No one is out of your league.
You need a course on getting the girls you want instead of Merely settling for the ones who want you.
What's In Get The Girl?

The Friend Zone: somehow you found yourself in it. But you're interested in the girl!  Learn how to get out, and not ever  be stranded there again. 

Unsatisfied with the Women You're Attracting? Learn in Module 2 how you attract exactly who you are - and getting clear on who it is you want.

Does this stuff Apply in the Real World? YES - and there certain tools you'll get in Module 8 to Take Your Lessons to the Real World

Conversation is your key to deepening the attraction between you and the girls you meet. Learn in Module 5 how to Conduct a Conversation and get your female talking.  

You FINALLY have the girl you wanted. Now, how do you KEEP the Girl? Module 10 teaches you how to support, build and nurture a Relationship with Your Woman

What is your energy and body language Telling Girls that Your Words Aren't Saying? Is it helping you or hurting you? Learn about Body Language in Module 3.

What Others Are Saying:
We could share 100+ pages of these as there are SO MANY. Here are a few...
My Personal Guarantee
I created Get The Girl to supremely elevate your status, success and ability with the opposite sex. If this course fails to over-deliver, I insist you request a full, 100% refund. 

I'll tell you why.  

I went from elementary school nerd to business leader; playground basketball scrub to professional basketball player; being afraid to talk to girls to helping young men to get any girl they want. This transformation took me years; Get The Girl distills this down to months. 
Get The Girl course isn’t about becoming a "pick up artist" (that's corny to me) or manipulating women by saying things you don't mean. Get The Girl is the set of skills you need to improve your intimate relationships. Get The Girl is about improving yourself from the inside-out: the females are a by-product of your transformation. 

Get The Girl will change how you you see yourself, and how the females you come across see you - FOREVER. 

So here’s my offer: If this course doesn’t TRANSFORM your ability in dealing with females, show me that you've done the work and get 100% of your money back. Join the program and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose

Get The Girls You Actually WANT, Get Out Of The Friend Zone and Have the Females Coming to YOU
$99 per month for 6 months
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My Personal No-Risk Guarantee

I stand behind People Skills 100%. It has changed my life and the lives of thousands of others over the past 10+ years. Take this course and your life will never be the same. If you don't see and feel that result within 60 days, contact personally and we'll give you a full refund.
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