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"1.) The obstacle that would have prevented me from making the purchase is me not knowing what I’m buying. I benefited from your “daily game” emails when it was free so when you started charging, I saw it as a fair price, which led me to make the purchase.
2.)I have found something to look forward to reading every morning.
3.)I like the three major point feature because it’s organized and the steps are constructive." - Brandon 
 I’ve found a routine of starting my day off right with some of your perspective (which seems to always be on point and factual). I always like to keep my email inbox empty, so I never skip a daily game, which is great.

I like the hyperlinks that relate to the topic at hand, whether it be an article, a tweet, blogpost, youtube video etc. It helps the reader have context to the discussion of the day.

A) Sanity when I have to force myself up for work. B) Entertainment. C) Applicable action for me to take with the “for your game” part at the end of them all. - Javier
you’re not just regurgitating stuff that all the other so-called life coaches say. You obviously put some thought into it, and it makes sense. Even if it’s counterintuitive, you make the case for it. - Steve
 I've been following you for years and you were sending it out for free the first couple of months, so I'd say it wasn't an obstacle for me to pay for a full-year membership. 

It's Dre Baldwin on steroids.

My favorite? The 3 points. - Sava
What was holding me back before I considered buying Daily Game was my mindset if I were disciplined enough to take action on the information given in Daily Game directly in my life.
Since I started reading Daily Game I have looked at certain things differently and you also helped me realizing certain subjects better that i were interested in to take action on.
I really like the way how you bring your information to the audience. I enjoy learning lessons from someone who is more experienced than me. But mostly what i like is how you bring the information in such a way that makes me question myself and my evironment. But what i mostly like about Daily Game is that we are dealing here with every day things consistent and dealing better with our surrounding which helps me adapt myself to my evironment in a positive way.
Being more focused and driven like a daily refresher for myself.
I would recommend it to a friend if i think that he can really use it. I would recommend it mostly because I know that you give good content and make people more mentally conditioned. - AJ
Probably the fact that I don't read my emails very often. Only reason I started using it more was because the Daily Game, so I guess that would be a reason.

I can empower myself through your words ok n the go, plus I love learning when I'm at the store waiting.

The fact that you learn something new every single day. The content is straight fire.

I've gotten mentally stronger 
I've become more positive 
I'm more self-aware of my surroundings.

It's worth the investment. It's not even that expensive either, considering the price it's worth.

Keep doing what you're doing, you're adding so much more value and you're doing one hell of q job. - Ellyson
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