Bulletproof Bundle
Work On Your Game: Use The Pro Athlete Mindset To Dominate In Sports, Business And Life
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Bulletproof Bundle
The Bulletproof Bundle
You Get: 
• The Mental Handbook
• The Super You
• The Mirror Of Motivation
• 100 Mental Game Best Practices 
Bulletproof Bundle
The Business Bundle
You Get: 
• The Seller's Mindset
• 55 Daily People Skills
• 25 Conversation Starters
Leadership Bundle
The Clarity Bundle
You Get: 
• Ask Yourself A Better Question 
• 25 Reasons To Quit Worrying
The Mental Handbook: 
The Guidebook to Approaching Sports & Life With a Bulletproof Mindset
The higher your ambitions, the more setbacks you'll face. What's your strategy to deal with them? What gives you hope to come back the next day? 

I call it Mental Toughness. The Mental Handbook is where you begin. 
The Super You: 
Unlocking and Living With Your Highest Level Of Confidence
The Super You is You at your highest level of self-belief. You've been there before and know what it feels like, but you haven't stayed there. After The Super You, you will. 
100 Mental Game Best Practices: Dominate The Most Important Game There Is
The Mental Game is the most important game you'll ever be in. Learn the rules and play it the right way. 
The Mirror Of Motivation: 
The Self-Guide To Self-Discipline
There are lots of places to look for motivation these days. But you will soon need to move yourself to action and find your outside resources limited - what will you do then? 

With The Mirror of Motivation, you will look within. 
Ask Yourself A Better Question: Change Your Questions, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life
Good questions produce good answers and a good life. Better questions produce outstanding answers and your dream life. 
Dre Philosophy Vol. 0: Decision, Action, Mindset and Being Unapologetically Who You Are
Dre Philosophy Vol. 0 is three years of Dre's opinions ideas and observations put into 800 pages. 
Buy A Game: Dre Baldwin's Early Basketball Story
Dre got the only two basketball rules he's ever needed in the 8th grade. He named his first book after that advice. Buy A Game details Dre's early basketball story, from his start at age 14 though his college years at Penn State. 
25 Reasons To Quit Worrying: 
STOP Your Automatic Payments on FAILURE
I’ll give you 25 reasons and daily practices that eliminate worry. You’ll free up mental space and energy to do what you want to do and be who you want to be, starting now.
The Seller's Mindset: Create Attention, Exposure and Money - When You Want It
The Seller's Mindset is not only for business, but life itself. Use what you learn here to earn commissions, build your businesses, win debates, barbershop arguments, settle on favorable negotiation terms, and generally get your way.
25 Conversation Starters: 
Open People Up With The Right Question At The Right Time
You need to know how to start a conversation. 25 Conversation Starters is your handbook to talking to people – and getting them to talk to you.
55 Daily People Skills: 
Be A Better People Person, Starting TODAY
Is there a way to be strategic about this? To strategically build rapport with people and gain their cooperation, before you need it?

Yes. 55 Daily People Skills is your Leadership strategy guide.
The Overseas Basketball Blueprint:
Start Your Overseas Basketball Career Abroad Now
Learn exactly what you need to know to start a professional basketball career. How to contact agents, which camps to attend, what kind of game video to obtain, how much money can you make -- all answered. 
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